Defiance Photography Ordering Instructions

There are two forms on this page.  The first you will need to fill out is the products you wish to order.  The Second is your credit card information.  Please make sure that the address on the credit card page starts with https:  That denotes that you are on our secure server.  We process your order in our office and do not use any third party processors.  Once we have your credit card information it is printed and then immediately deleted from our computers for safety purposes. 

We are currently working on a different payment gateway.  Please call us for alternative payment options

 If you feel uncomfortable with submitting your personal information via the internet then feel free to call us at 1 608 448-2455 and talk to us personally

You may also contact us personally to order

 All printing done on an Epson 1800 large format printer

Prints are shipped either in 8x10 or 13x19.  They are unmatted unless you arrange matting a framing separately

All photos are printed on premium matte paper and archival inks and are not reproductions and are untouched digitally.  Each photo is printed upon your order on our Epson printers  We use only Epson, pigmented inks and are guaranteed to last 100 years if treated properly


 If you have any issues with a purchase please contact our customer care department.  We strive to provide you with the ultimate in customer service.

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This form covers all websites on our system, and most any picture you wish a print of

All sales are final,  our refund policy is based on negotiation between an officer of Defiance Photography, LLC and the customer

Customer Care

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1-2 Photos $8.00     3-4Photos $9.00     5-6 Photos $10.00     7-10 Photos $15.00     11- and up $20.00

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Photo Prices  8x10 unmatted $25.00    13x19 unmatted $40.00     Larger Sizes up to 60x36  available as a special order  




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