Sailing on The Pilot Schooner, Momentum

Outreach Sailing Adventures LLC (OSA) began a unique initiative involving Marine Science and Shipwreck Discovery Tours beginning April 1st, 2008 in St. Augustine, Florida using a classic 1833 replica pilot schooner Momentum. We serve the public in a variety of ways... The first is to conduct a sailing tour business that allows everyone to take part in a wide variety of educationally based sailing activities ranging from a maritime archaeological sailing tour, to a sunset cruise, to ecological interpretive tours. We also constantly seek valuable partnerships with local higher educational institutions bringing aboard students of Anthropology, Archaeology, and Marine Science and engaging them in unique maritime archaeological and marine science programs involving data collection, remote sensing and fieldwork methodology. Through these programs, students learn leadership and team building skills that will allow them to be good and productive citizens of their community. Instruction takes place in the classroom, on land, and aboard the classically designed 1833 Chesapeake Bay pilot schooner “Momentum”.

Several years ago we were lucky enought to be contracted by Outreach Sailing Adventures to write their website for them.  We have lost touch with Michael Murray, and sadly the site no longer exists.  We have archived it here.  Please be aware that, to the best of our knowledge this business is no longer operating,  but if it is, visit them, because, it's a wonderful experience.

Enter Outreach Sailing Adventures  (This site is no longer operational)