Venture Capital Opportunity

Defiance Photography, LLC

Located in The Wisconsin Dells

Requesting $50,000.00+

Defiance Photography is an establish photo service company and formally was located in Grand Lake, Colorado.  Several things have happened since the loss of our lease in Grand Lake.  We have relocated to The Wisconsin Dells, near Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Secondly, the condition of the economy is not what I would say as being perfect.  With these changes in mind we have relocated to a more favorable area and feel that it is time to re open our brick and mortar store and studio.

We are open to about any type of venture capital, whether it be a short term loan, gift, or partnership.  We have past records that show numbers that pertain to the operation of this store.

We are looking for a working partner or silent investor that might also be looking for a short term or long term relationship.  In a short term relationship I would prefer a one or two year agreement with an equitable return on your investment.  A long term situation might include a working partner or one who has a business that wishes to expand with us.  It is our belief that this current economy situation is short term, but with proper customer relations and the proper advertising we can be immune to all but a complete economic failure.  The location of the new store is open to discussion, but would prefer to be in The Wisconsin Dells area due to it's popularity with nearby metropolitan areas.  This is different than Grand Lake but on a similar demographic plane.

If you are interested in talking please use the link below to start a dialog.

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The old store website (In Part and not operational, but is a sample of what we were doing) 

Random Photos from the Previous Store   

Previous Items and store




If you are interested please contact me at;  E Mail me at Kelley and Susan

The following spread sheet was the projected for 2008, and at the time of losing our lease we we're meeting these goals

Defiance Photography, LLC

Defiance Internet Technologies

Requesting   $20,000

2008 Budget Projections& Pro Forma Based on  real time figures from the past store upon request

Key Risks

Due to the softening of the economy we believe that 2009 will hold to the numbers in the financials.

  We will focus on photography as the overhead will be low, with a higher return.  At present the photo inventory is approximately $6000.00 in printed material, and the mechanical infrastructure is in place. 

The figures in the protected area represent the old store and it's operation and are variable, depending on a new store and overhead, etc...  The figures represent an outline, as to the requirements that will be feasible to the solvency of the new store.  If it appears that it won't work on paper we won't do it.

What we need

A building, modest inventory, and operating capital.


Current Assets

Photography Equipment   4000.00

Network  3500.00

Printers and Supplies    2300.00

Printed Inventory   6500.00

Office supplies and Studio Non durable goods   2000.00

Total   18,300.00

We currently have an up to date merchant account and no outstanding debt including credit card, etc...

We need

A building approximately 1550 Sq Ft

Build 1 studio booth in the store area  1 old west and one for informal portraits

A small gift inventory off the wish list to the right

Retail Gift Items we have carried

Michael Garmin Sculptures

Bennington Candles

Lauri Biggins Pottery

Majesty Bells Wind Chimes

Wish List

Premier Kites

Aroma Therapy Products

Camera Accessories

Tasteful, local souvenirs